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What subjects can I 'cast about?

If you have read any of Nigel Morris-Cotterill's work since 1994 you will have been struck by one thing more than anything else: he approaches the subject of financial crime risk and compliance from an extraordinarily broad perspective.

If your subject area is in any way relevant to financial crime, we want your views.

Because Financial Crime Broadcasting is an invitation-only, curated, platform you can be sure that your work appears amongst some of the foremost thinking on this subject.

Put simply, you won't find yourself down amongst the jargon-spouting, buzzword-launching, acronym-spouting people who regurgitate what they have read or heard elsewhere.

So, that means we don't want you to record using jargon, buzzwords and acronyms, even if your thought is original!

You can be unashamedly academic so long as what you record is readily understood by non-academics.

You can be unabashedly clever so long as your don't let your intellect be a barrier to others understanding - and applying what you say.

This emphatically does not mean that you should dumb-down your material: just that we all must take account of the fact that while we may be expert in our particular field, others who are expert in their own fields may not be familiar with what we are saying.

That's why we must not use jargon, buzzwords or acronyms: each field of expertise has its own and often the same are used in other fields to mean something entirely different.

For example, the EU has decided that the acronym for its new "anti-money laundering" department will be AMLA - an acronym used around the world for "Anti Money Laundering Act." So everyone that hears or reads it has to double-take. Not genius.

All this comes down to this: if there is any connection, however remote, between your area of expertise or study and financial crime or the related risk and compliance areas, tell using the Enquiries form and we'll consider it.