Financial Crime Broadcasting

For listeners

This is the easiest way to get your financial crime risk and compliance briefings in audio.

Basically, browse to Financial Crime Broadcasting and find a 'cast that interests you.

Casts can be sorted by date, creator or keyword.

You only need a browser; you don't need an app so there isn't one.

While you are listening, if you wish, you can read the script and find links referred to in the 'cast.

If you like what you hear, you can thank the creator via HonourPay

There's some legal stuff: the copyright in the 'casts is owned by the content creator. It is possible that, in some cases, the performance copyright, the content artistic copyright in the content and the mechanical copyright are owned by different persons.

You are authorised to listen to the 'cast as an individual listener.

Content creators can elect to give permission to download if they choose. In the absence of that permission you must not download a 'cast.

Obviously, even if you are allowed to download it, you must not make copies, must not distribute any copies not repost it, not broadcast it or make it available to be listened to on any platform other than Financial Crime Broadcasting.

You may not transcribe the content and rerecord it, whether or not you rebroadcast it. You may not use the 'cast or any transcription of it or any part of it in any performance.

All of the above prohibitions may be modified or discharged by the content creator.

To apply to the content creator, see the page link on the For 'casters page.

Working in financial crime risk and compliance is hard.

Listening to Financial Crime Broadcasting isn't.