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About Membership


Standard Account

There is no fee to pay for a standard account.

In due course, standard account holders will required to open and maintain an account at

Standard Account holders must have a commercial email address: we do not accept free and anonymous email accounts such as gmail, yahoo, exchange,, MSN etc.

Standard Account holders are entitled to upload one audio 'cast file per week. The maximum file size means that 'casts will be mono lasting up to ten minutes. Files must be in MP3 format only. For the full terms, see the "Account Terms" page.

Enhanced (subscription) accounts accept up to five 'casts in any one period of seven days, up to 30 minutes each.

This area is not for promotional and sponsored content.

Sponsored and promotional content

There are two ways in which your company can sponsor Financial Crime Broadcasting.

The first is, obviously, advertising.

The second is with sponsored content which is, basically, branded 'casts with a marketing message.

To reach a highly targetted financial crime risk and compliance market, complete the dedicated form here

Enhanced Account

In due course, we will add various paid services which may be provided a la carte or on subscription. Examples are, 'casts up to 30 minutes, MP4 files containing video, re-broadcasts of webinars, conference speeches and streamed talks, etc. and digital downloads of your 'casts.