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20210211 Of Bulls and Bias

Nigel Morris-C…

In this episode:

1 Goodbye Rat. Hello Bull.

2. OFAC’s fuzzy logic

3. [un] conscious bias : it looks simple but it isn’t.

4. How to not make a fortune.

5. Corruption as explained to Sherlock Holmes.

6. The last word on rats and bulls.

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Duration: 25 minutes.


KPMG boss

e-learning for staff to managers:

Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime (book)

A 1997 academic paper on Fuzzy Logic in control systems which includes an explanation of its application to datasets:

For more on the long-tail effects of work from home, referred to in the "[un] conscious bias" segment of this Blog/cast which refers to KPMG's Chairman in the UK, see our free course Lockdown and Beyond at

Also listen to the Blog/cast "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Manager" and read "FOGO - the Fear of Going Out" which has not, as of today, been recorded as a Blog/cast.

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