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20171207 Of contrarians and bubble people

Nigel Morris-C…

What is a true "populist"? What is a contrarian? Why do people constrain themselves and their thinking?

We get the government, laws and society we allow: but we should not simply jump aboard a passing hashtag bandwagon. We should create fully reasoned, properly thought out, arguments as to why those within the bubble are wrong.

We should avoid dogma, avoid stridency and avoid synthetic rage.

But we should tell the bubble people that we are the people, not them; that they are our representatives, not our controllers.

The silent majority should not remain silent for there are many bubbles including those who claim to be free-thinking but are, in reality, simply part of a different bubble, usually one that is differentiated primarily only by a political perspective.

"For the bubble people in the field of financial crime risk management, compliance and related topics, I pose a particular threat: I know their stuff at least as well as they do and, often, rather better and I have a far broader perspective to set it in."

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8 months ago